Track and unlock the resale value of your stuff

Automatically see the real time value of the things you
own and easily turn your unwanted belongings into cash

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How does Haz enhance user functionality?

By enabling Haz to access and scan your email inbox, we can automatically digitise the things you own, without you needing to do anything!

This enables items to be listed on the Haz app with more accuracy providing more transparency to buyers within our marketplace. It also saves you, as the seller, a considerable amount of time, as you no longer are required to take photos, write listing descriptions and research resale prices before you list your unwanted items for sale.
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How does Haz Help?

Haz provides all our users with a feed of their tangible belongings that have maintained some sort of resale value in the second hand market.

This feed is automatically created and updated through the user integrating their email with the Haz app. This means, without lifting a finger, a consumer can buy a new iPhone 15 and then the next day check their Haz app to see it added to their feed, with a real time resale value attached to it. Haz is also able to pull any past purchases.