Meet Haz - The Easiest Way to Track, Buy & Sell Second Hand

Your friends follow your location, like your photos and see what you are listening to. Now Haz lets them track and engage with what you own.

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Introducing Haz

Imagine a world where you can see the real time value of your belongings on one feed. Your clothes, electronics, furniture, books… the list goes on. Just like your standard stocks & shares investment app, but for the things lying around your house. Now imagine a world where you can easily unlock the value of these items, without having to go through the manual and time consuming process of listing them for sale. The good thing is, you don’t have to imagine this world anymore. This is Haz’s world.

Why is Haz Needed?

The growth of ecommerce, social media and Buy Now Pay Later has fuelled hyper consumption, driving consumers to constantly be searching for their next purchase. The problem is, what happens to the old stuff that has to make way for the latest and greatest models, versions, trends? Usually, the answer involves collecting dust.

Yes, eBay, Vinted & Depop exist, but 47% of items fit for resale are still not resold. We find that both strange and worrying considering how large these businesses have become. In fact, the average UK household now owns 42 unused items at a cumulative value of £2,600. We believe by building a solution which focuses on resale from the point of purchase, rather than only when someone wants to sell an item, we can greatly increase the liquidity of the things people own.

It is clear people want to find easy ways to convert their unused stuff into into cash, however, they don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to do so. Haz is using AI technology to completely automate the process of digitising previous purchases, presenting a paradigm shift in how easy it is to resell something compared to the traditional process of taking photos, writing listing descriptions etc etc.

Over the last decade, we have also seen friends connect across the internet using a variety of mediums. Photos, videos, music, locations, the list goes on. However, nobody has ever been able to truly connect people via the physical goods that they own. We believe one of the best ways to get to know someone is by seeing what they are actively buying and selling. We want to create a new type of social connection based on ownership.

The average UK household owns 42 unused items at a cumulative value of £2,600.

How does Haz Help?

Haz is quicker and easier. Haz provides all our users with a feed of their belongings as soon as they sign up on the app. This feed is automatically created and updated through the user integrating their email with the Haz app. This means, without lifting a finger, a consumer can buy a new iPhone 15 and then 10 minutes later check their Haz app to see it added to their feed, with a real time resale value attached to it. Haz is also able to pull any past purchases within a users’ inbox, meaning users can track and unlock the value of any items they have previously purchased. Upon wanting to list an item for sale, the user simply has to click one button. We only ask for the seller to confirm the condition of the item upon a bid being submitted.

Haz is more entertaining. Haz enables friends to connect to get live notifications as and when friends buy or sell anything. Friends can then jump into the app to engage with any new purchases aswell as comparing consumption habits with friends across leaderboards.

Haz is safer. All items on Haz are tied to original receipts. This means buyers can see exactly where a seller bought the item from and how long ago. We also are a video first platform, meaning we ask all sellers to take a quick 10 second video of the item before the buyer confirms their bid and a transaction is made.

Who is Haz for?

We realise Haz won’t be for absolutely everyone. Some people do in fact like the experience of selling on eBay and Vinted etc, and we are okay with this. However, we believe there is a huge proportion of the population that value convenience, time savings and simplicity when looking to turn their stuff into cash. We also believe people like to understand the value of the things they own and enjoy sharing this with their closest friends. These are Haz’s people.

Download Haz

If any of the above resonates with you, or you simply want to test out if any of the above is complete BS, feel free to get Haz on the iOS App Store here []. We are building a world where knowing the value of your everyday items is as accessible and standard as knowing how much you have in your bank, what your house is worth and the value of your car.